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Two IGNers Have Beaten Borderlands 3 So Far – Here's How Long It Took Them

One of the biggest questions we get around every major game is “How long is it?” We asked two of our staff members who’ve completed Borderlands 3 to weigh in with their experiences of how many hours it took to burn through the campaign and roll credits for the first time.

James Duggan, Reviewer

At a brisk pace, it took me just over 30 hours to beat Borderlands 3’s campaign and the vast majority of its story content. Keep in mind that at some point during the review process I consciously stopped exploring in order to make sure the review went up on time, so I expect that this figure will be just under most people’s average playthrough. Borderlands 3’s missions are static in terms of their level, but difficult sections of towards the end of the story were still difficult even with my completionist attitude, so I imagine that some side mission content will be needed by most to clear the story.

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