Time Stories Plays like Batman Meets Quantum Leap

Time Stories Plays like Batman Meets Quantum Leap

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I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite things in the entire world.  A game that implements mystery solving, combat with big consequences, adventures throughout alternate histories and worlds, and an enigmatic universe filled with lore and supernatural intervention to take you and a group of friends on vastly different experiences that you’ll likely never forget.

This game is called Time Stories, and its nine and a half diverse scenarios have taken me all throughout human history – eight and a half of which arrived as expansions after the base set launched in 2015. Four years later, its latest expansion, Madame, is closing out the current iteration of the game, with the following expansions ushering it into entirely new territory. I’ll get to my impressions of Madame later on, but let’s start with what Time Stories actually is first.

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