The 10 Best Family Board Games

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Family board game nights are a great way to spend an evening bonding with loved ones. But it can be tricky to select a family game that’s deep but still accessible, and fun for both kids and adults. Over the last couple of decades, designer board games have skyrocketed in popularity and complexity. Today, it’s not uncommon for games to take several hours to learn and play. That kind of commitment can be tough for family game nights when time is precious. It’s a good thing then that there are plenty of immensely clever games out there that take mere minutes to learn, and yet have enough meat on their cardboard bones to appease the strategy-hungry among us.

For family game night theme must also be considered. It may not be appropriate for younger players to blast zombies in Zombicide, and the dry renaissance setting of something like The Princes of Florence may bore some. They’re both great games, but not for everyone. There are plenty of more lively and exciting themes out there, though, like giant monster fights and high speed car racing. All it takes is a bit of research.

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