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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Getting Resident Evil 2 Crossover

A Monster Hunter World: Iceborne crossover will add Resident Evil 2 characters next month. Similar to previous events, it appears players will be able to make their hunters look like Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, and even dress The Handler up as the imposing Tyrant.

Additionally, it seems there will be a way to make your hunter look a bit like a zombie, alongside potentially new gestures in that vein – you’ll even be able to get a Tofu weapon pendant, complete with tiny knife and hat.

Watch the trailer revealing all this and more below:

The crossover content will drop this November, but details beyond that haven’t been revealed yet. It’s likely earning these outfits and other cosmetics will be similar to past crossovers, locking them behind special events that earn you tickets that can be used at the Smithy.

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