How to Read Marvel's Absolute Carnage Crossover

How to Read Marvel's Absolute Carnage Crossover

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The dust has barely settled from War of the Realms, but already the next major Marvel crossover is brewing. Absolute Carnage officially kicks off on Wednesday, August 7, as Earth’s heroes unite against a deadly attack from a super-charged version of Carnage, Spider-Man and Venom’s eternal foe.

Whether you’re a hardcore Marvel reader or simply have fond memories of the Maximum Carnage crossover and its tie-in video game, we have a full breakdown of this new superhero epic and how you can follow the story.

What Is Absolute Carnage?

Absolute Carnage might be described as a spiritual sequel to 1993’s Maximum Carnage. While its plot isn’t directly connected to Maximum Carnage, Absolute Carnage again features Spider-Man and Venom teaming up with a wide variety of Marvel heroes to deal with the threat posed by Cletus Kasady.

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