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How Minecraft Earth Plans to Reinvent the World Around You

Minecraft Earth is a game of huge ambition. Its creators want nothing less than to bring the creativity and fun of the classic Minecraft experience into the real world, at full scale. The idea is that not only will people get the chance to interact with virtual Minecraft scenarios overlaid on actual locations, but that eventually the game will become a showcase for people’s imaginations; a way to transform hum drum reality into something magical.

Getting there, however, is going to take time and overcoming a whole host of obstacles. Minecraft Earth has been in development for a year and a half at this point, but is still at a relatively formative stage – it boasts some impressive tech, but also has its share of bugs and teething problems. And to truly improve the game, Minecraft Earth needs to go large. It needs an army of people helping to add detail to its OpenStreetMap-based depiction of the world, and it needs to inventory and precisely locate an immense number of real world objects to better anchor virtual play spaces. (More on that in a bit.)

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