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Hearthstone's New Battlegrounds Mode Is Available to Early Access Players

After whipping the cloak off its eight-player autobattler mode last week at BlizzCon, Hearthstone has now made Battlegrounds available to select fans for a week of early access.

The mode is currently only available to those who attended BlizzCon in California, those who nabbed a BlizzCon virtual ticket, or players who own a Descent of Dragons pre-purchase bundle. Battlegrounds will eventually open up to all players as an open beta on Tuesday November 12, when the early access period finishes.

Battlegrounds takes place on an “ever evolving board” where players are pitted against randomly selected opponents in turn-based combat. Players choose from 24 heroes, then recruit minions in Bob’s Tavern that can be strategically deployed across the board between rounds until one challenger is left standing.

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