Halo TV Series Casts Jacob and Miranda Keyes

Halo TV Series Casts Jacob and Miranda Keyes

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The cast of Showtime’s Halo series continues to grow, with the networking revealing it’s cast two more series mainstays, Jacob and Miranda Keyes.

David Sapani (Penny Dreadful) will play Captain Jacob Keyes, a decorated and highly intelligent member of the United Nations Space Command. Olive Gray (Half Moon Investigations) has been cast as his daughter Dr. Miranda Keyes, an ambitious and highly intelligent UNSC commander who specializes in studying the technology and language of the alien empire known as the Covenant. The friction between father and daughter will be explored in the new series.

Showtime has also announced that Charlie Murphy (Peaky Blinders) will play a character named Makee. Makee is an orphaned human raised by the Covenant to hate her own people. It’s unclear whether Makee is meant to be an adaptation of the character Mahkee, who debuted in Halo 5: Guardians and is the first female Sangheili character in the series. We’ve reached out to Showtime for clarification (Update: Showtime confirmed Makee is a different character created specifically for the series).

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