Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Announced

Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Announced

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Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released March 3, 2020.

During a Final Fantasy VII concert in Los Angeles, Square Enix showed a teaser trailer for the FF7 remake, which announced the release date of March 3 next year at the end, confirming a PS4-exclusive release. Square asked fans to stay tuned for more during the Square Enix E3 2019 press conference.

The trailer features footage from the Midgar set portion of the game, predominately of AVALANCHE’S first Mako reactor bombing run. The guard scorpion battle is shown, with Cloud using Cross Slash limit break and Barret using Big Shot. We get a shirt look at the duo fighting Shinra’s various defense forces, and it looks like the idiosyncratic designs from the original are all present and correct

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