FIFA Volta Will Have No Microtransactions At Launch

FIFA Volta Will Have No Microtransactions At Launch

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FIFA Volta is one of the biggest additions coming to FIFA 20. And while it will come with a whole suite of vanity items to customize the look of your athlete, there will be no microtransactions in FIFA Volta – at least, at launch.

“We’re not planning on launching with any

” says FIFA producer Jeff Antwi, “right now, anything that you earn is earned through in-game challenges.” You can unlock cosmetic items by completing objectives or by using Volta Coins that can oonly be earned by completing matches. The higher the difficulty of the challenge/match, the higher the rewards.

FIFA Volta will have seasonal content with challenges and cosmetics changing on “roughly a month to month basis,” says Antwi, but for now there’s no season pass in sight. This makes sense considering how frequently content will change.

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