Dishonored Studio Reveals Deathloop

Dishonored Studio Reveals Deathloop

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At the Bethesda E3 2019 conference, the developer behind the Dishonored series, Arkane Studios Lyon, has revealed Deathloop: a first-person action game set “in a time of madness.”

Deathloop “transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins” and features a mind-bending story with “meticulously designed levels,” a feature the Dishonored series has always been known and praised for.

As with Dishonored, players will be able to tackle challenges in most ways they see fit, and one of the main goals of Deathloop is to hunt down targets all over Blackreef to put an end to this cycle that appears to bring each assassin back to life after death.

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