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Celeste's Free Chapter 9 DLC Is a Fond Farewell to a Fantastic Game

SPOILER WARNING! These hands-on impressions won’t go into story details, but they will be discussing the structure, new mechanics, and themes of Celeste Chapter 9. Be warned if you’d prefer to go into it blind. 

It’s hard to tell if Celeste Chapter 9 has some of the game’s hardest levels yet, or if a year and a half of accumulated rust from not playing is just slowing me down. I’m willing to bet it’s a bit of both, but this free expansion to an already incredible game is a blast either way.

Chapter 9, titled Farewell, will be added to Celeste on all platforms tomorrow, and it feels a little bit like like a bite-sized sequel in some respects. It tells a mostly contained story that picks up after the base game and introduces plenty of new mechanics while also remixing some previous ones in clever ways.

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