Borderlands 3: First 4-Player Co-op Gameplay

Borderlands 3: First 4-Player Co-op Gameplay

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All month long, we’re taking a deep dive into Borderlands 3, our IGN First game for August 2019.

We started things off with a look at the first 14-minutes of Borderlands 3, and today we’re bringing you the first-ever look at 4-player co-operative play. Borderlands has always been best when played with a group of friends, so make sure to check out the video above for a look at how it all shakes out.

We’re over the halfway point in August right now, but there’s still plenty of Borderlands 3 goodness to uncover for IGN First. Make sure to check back through the rest of the month for even more great Borderlands 3 content and reveals.

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