7 Disturbing Gooigi Facts You Never Wanted to Know

7 Disturbing Gooigi Facts You Never Wanted to Know

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 was one of the many games showcased during the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct and the footage featured one of the most unsettling characters in the Luigi’s Mansion universe: Gooigi.

The gameplay trailer showed Gooigi playing a pivotal role in both the single-player and optional multiplayer experience but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this gooey boy. Here are 7 things you need to know, yet never wanted to know, about Gooigi.

He is made of ghost energy and coffee

Gooigi is often described as being made of just ectoplasma but, scientifically speaking, he’s actually made of “goo.” Goo was discovered by Professor E. Gadd during an accident in his lab. While he was experimenting with “strange liquid ghost energy” a ghost startled him, causing him to spill his coffee into the ghost energy. Specifically, the coffee was “a Lunoman Greenie blend from Evershade” all of which is carefully documented in Professor E. Gadd’s research journal.

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